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By undefininatability

February 3, 2011

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I will get used to this.  It seems like a really dull way to express myself.  I wish it worked better, like Powerpoint or the Keynote software.  So I was kind of a self-centered jerk in NE, and it wasn’t much fun.

When we got home, we had missed a weekend of high 50’s and everyone was getting ready for a blizzard.  I thought the blizzard sounded stupid, but I moved a lot of firewood around and located my childsized shovel.  I went to yoga with Patricia.  Later, James took Will and me out for supper at Saigon 39, next to Friends Sushi, across the street-ish from Blue Koi


Tuesday morning, snow started and didn’t end until the late late evening.  Everything was cancelled, for two days basically.  The winds were steady above 20mph and we must have gotten a foot of snow. I did get the NBTSC registration done online, and mailed the check today.  The cat is fine.  I gave her three fluffy scarves and extra food and milk.

James has gone to Sacramento, where he is staying in a quaint B&B.


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